HOLey MACkrel THIs is gone to rock

April 12, 2011 – 6:16 pm

THe INdy 500 has doen it again. They just doen raised the bar for motor racing entertainments with the a nouncment of the WOrlds LArgest HOt WHeels TRack tahts gone to be built at the SPeedway.  HOley smoke.  ON the day of the WORlds LArgest RAce they is gonna drop a car off the WORlds LArgest door so it can dothe WORlds LArgest Jump.  DAng.  IF that dont say racing I dont know what does.  I bout wet myself when I saw this picture int he INdy Star

BIg DOor at INdy













BUt you know it goes right along with how big everyting at INdy is.  HElls BElles we got the PUdrue BAnd with the WORlds LArrgest Drum prefroming in front of the WOrld LARgest CRowd.


BIg Drum at Indy




SO why stop there?   WHy not have a bunch of WORlds largets stuff in the INfield?  LIke maybe the WORlds LArgets ROcking CHair?



BIg ROcker and I dont mean MEatloaf





















ANd maybe even the WORlds LArgest Baseball BAt from LOuisville?



BIg Bat






















WE could also get WORlds LArgest BAll of String




BIg STring









ANd the WORLds LArget RUbber BAnd Ball



LARgest RUbber BAnd BAll














The TRack could serve the WORlds LArgest NAchos



LARge nachos











ANd for sure we need the WORlds LArgest SIx Pack to wash it down



BIg BEers













ANd MAybe even the WOrlds LArgest STipper POle



BIg stripper poles








BUt why STop there?  FOR CRaaps sakes we coul have the WORlds LARgest TEnderloin eatining contest and AJ could judge that.  ANd the WORlds largest IRL Fan contest. Oh YEah.   WE could have JIm NAybors judge it.  Ill bet heed be happy to get behind that.   


MAn on man it just boggels the mind.  IF this aint waht the month of MAy is a bout, I dont know what is. 


   MAybe we could even give TOney GOerge the title of the WORlds LArgets something or other.  THInk bout it.  HE deserves it.  IF it werent for him YOUd never see any of this if CARt was still a round.  NOt at all. SO go cry in your beers you CARt strret race loosers.  JEalous, jealous again. hahahahahahahah




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